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Little Wing (35+)

Description: Hatchlings are, quite honestly, ugly little creatures! But how else are you to get a strider and wyvern?
Start NPC: [Pet Manager] Cooper
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Random Reward  - Undecided

1Elder Cronos
Quest that must be completed in order to obtain a pet hatchling. Visit Pet Manager Cooper and tell him that you wish to raise a hatchling. He will tell you to seek help from Elder Cronos of Hunters Village.\
NPC: Elder Cronos
2Make a Fairy Stone
After collecting the items requested by Elder Cronos, find Maria in the Town of Dion and ask her to make a Fairy Stone for you. Take the Fairy Stone to Cronos and he'll tell you what you need to do next.\
3Fairy's Existence
Take the completed Elven stone to Guard Byron and ask him about fairies.\
NPC: Guard Byron
4In Search of a Fairy
Go to Fairy Valley and find a fairy who will talk with you.\
5In Search of a Dragon Species
Take the juice of monkshood that Fairy Mimyu gave you to the drake or wyrm that she introduced you to.\
6Find the Stolen Eggs
Recover 20 stolen eggs.\
7Hatching Ritual
Take the eggs to Fairy Mimyu.\


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