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Help the Uncle! (25+)

Description: One day his uncle left to start a ranch in the north, and Waters recently got a letter from him! He wants to help his uncle start a new life.
Start NPC: [Pet Manager] Waters
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Pet Exchange Ticket: Buffalo  - 1

1A Trident is Needed
Pet Manager Waters asks you to find him a trident.\
NPC: Pet Manager Waters
item 1
2Hunting Monster Eyes
Waters cannot send the trident because of the monster eyes lurking near the village. Hunt the monster eyes for him.\ Monsters to be hunted - \ Plains of Dion: Monster Eye Destroyers \ Dion Hills: Monster Eye Gazers\
item 30
3Return to Waters
You've defeated 30 monster eyes. Return to Pet Manager Waters.\
NPC: Pet Manager Waters
4The Plan of Attack
The monster eyes had a map containing their attack plans! Show it to Sophya.\
NPC: Sophia
5Return to Waters
Sophya thanks you for the information and asks you to thank Waters for her, too. Return to Pet Manager Waters.\
NPC: Pet Manager Waters


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