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Elrokian Hunter's Proof (75+)

Description: On Primeval Isle, where primitive creatures abound, the natives are said to have a special skill for hunting dinosaurs. To learn it, you must first win the trust of these natives.
Start NPC: Marquez
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Adena  - 1071691
item Elrokian Trap A - 1
item Trap Stone  - 100
item Exp  - 553524
item SP  - 55538

1Find the Elrokian Chief Mushika
Native Elrokians of the Primeval Isle have a mysterious skill to make hunting dinosaurs easier. Find out about this skill from the Elrokian Chief.\
NPC: Mushika
2Find the Chief's Son
It was hard to talk to the Elrokian Chief because he seemed ill. Talk to the Chief's son Asamah instead.\
NPC: Asamah
3Return to Marquez
Go back to Marquez to learn about how to make friends with the Elrokians.\
NPC: Marquez
4Retrieve the Diary Fragments from the Velociraptors
The best way to become the Elrokian's friend is to learn their folk songs. Go collect pieces of their diary from Velociraptors that attacked the explorer looking for clues about Elroki songcraft. Velociraptors appear around the Primeval Isle's Lost Nest.\ Monsters to be hunted - Velociraptor\
NPC: Lost Nest
item 50
5Take the Diary Fragments to Marquez
All pieces of the diary have been collected. Return to Marquez.\
NPC: Marquez
6Find Hunter Kirikachin
According to the diary, the old Elrokian hunter Kirikachin who lives in a far off dangerous place knows about the songs. Deliver the letter to him and learn the songs.\
NPC: Kirikachin
7Kirikachin's Sorrow
When Kirikachin received the letter, he seemed to become very sad. Comforting him might go a long way towards encouraging him to teach you the songs.\
NPC: Kirikachin
8Song of the Warrior
You have learn the sad and sorrowful Elrokian "Warrior's Song." Go talk to Asamah and sing the song for him.\
NPC: Asamah
9Friend of the Elroki Tribe
When the song began, all the other Elrokians joined in and sang as well. Talk to Asamah and become the Elrokians' friend.\
NPC: Asamah
10Practice Trap Parts
You have befriended the Elrokians and started learning their mysterious skills. To complete your training, go hunt the dinosaurs and collect materials for hunting equipment.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Ornithomimus, Deinonychus, Pachycephalosaurus.\
NPC: Lost Nest
item 10
item 10
item 10
11Deliver Trap Parts to Asamah
All materials for the hunting equipment have been collected. Return to Asamah.\
NPC: Asamah
12Learn Trapping Skills from Kirikachin
Received the hunting equipment from Asamah. Go learn the hunting skill from Kirikachin.\
NPC: Kirikachin


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