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item Fish Oil

Описание: Used as an ingredient for general manufacture or can be exchanged for a Proof of Catching a Fish by a Fishing Guild Member. Can also be sold at ordinary shops.

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Используется в крафте: Antidote, Bandage, Emergency Dressing, Greater Antidote, Greater Fish Oil, Greater Healing Potion, Haste Potion, Healing Potion, Lesser Healing Potion, Magic Haste Potion, Potion of Alacrity


Достаётся из:

itemLarge Ugly Green Fish - For Beginners458
itemPudgy Green Fish - For Beginners449
itemSmall Jade Ugly Fish - For Beginners649
itemSmall Blue Fat Fish1248
itemSmall Blue Treasure Chest2447
itemGreen Treasure Chest1247
itemSmall Jade Fat Fish - For Beginners647
itemLarge Jade Nimble Fish - For Beginners647
itemSmall Jade Ugly Fish847
itemBig Jade Fat Fish1247
itemBig Jade Treasure Chest2446
itemJade Ugly Fish - For Beginners646
itemJade Fat Fish1246
itemLarge Jade Fat Fish - For Beginners645
itemPudgy Green Fish645
itemJade Fat Fish - For Beginners645
itemJade Nimble Fish - For Beginners645
itemJade Treasure Chest2444
itemSmall Nimble Green Fish - For Beginners344
itemLarge Ugly Green Fish842
itemSmall Blue Fat Fish - For Beginners642
itemBig Jade Ugly Fish1641
itemSmall Blue Ugly Fish1641
itemLarge Jade Ugly Fish - For Beginners641
itemSmall Blue Ugly Fish - For Beginners641
itemUgly Green Fish - For Beginners440
itemSmall Jade Treasure Chest2439
itemJade Ugly Fish1638
itemSmall Jade Nimble Fish - For Beginners637
itemNimble Green Fish - For Beginners436
itemSmall Pudgy Green Fish635
itemLarge Nimble Green Fish - For Beginners433
itemNimble Green Fish633
itemSmall Blue Nimble Fish1233
itemSmall Pudgy Green Fish - For Beginners433
itemSmall Jade Fat Fish1233
itemBig Jade Nimble Fish1233
itemSmall Ugly Green Fish - For Beginners432
itemSmall Green Treasure Chest1232
itemSmall Blue Nimble Fish - For Beginners631
itemUgly Green Fish831
itemSmall Nimble Green Fish631
itemSmall Ugly Green Fish629
itemYellow Treasure Chest2829
itemLarge Pudgy Green Fish - For Beginners629
itemJade Nimble Fish1228
itemBig Green Treasure Chest2428
itemLarge Yellow Fat Fish - For Beginners828
itemSmall Yellow Ugly Fish - For Beginners828
itemLarge Pudgy Green Fish1227
itemBlue Treasure Chest2826
itemBlue Fat Fish1626
itemBig Blue Fat Fish1626
itemBig Yellow Fat Fish1626
itemYellow Fat Fish1625
itemSmall Yellow Fat Fish1625
itemBlue Ugly Fish1025
itemBig Blue Treasure Chest2825
itemBig Blue Ugly Fish1024
itemSmall Yellow Treasure Chest2824
itemLarge Yellow Nimble Fish - For Beginners822
itemSmall Yellow Fat Fish - For Beginners821
itemBig Yellow Nimble Fish1421
itemYellow Fat Fish - For Beginners821
itemSmall Jade Nimble Fish1221
itemBig Blue Nimble Fish1421
itemLarge Blue Fat Fish - For Beginners820
itemBlue Fat Fish - For Beginners820
itemBlue Ugly Fish - For Beginners819
itemBlue Nimble Fish1419
itemSmall Yellow Nimble Fish1419
itemYellow Nimble Fish1419
itemLarge Blue Ugly Fish - For Beginners817
itemSmall Orange Nimble Fish - For Beginners1416
itemLarge Yellow Ugly Fish - For Beginners1616
itemSmall Orange Ugly Fish2016
itemLarge Blue Nimble Fish - For Beginners816
itemLarge Nimble Green Fish1216
itemSmall Yellow Nimble Fish - For Beginners815
itemYellow Nimble Fish - For Beginners1215
itemSmall Orange Treasure Chest5615
itemBig Yellow Ugly Fish2014
itemSmall Orange Fat Fish - For Beginners1614
itemSmall Orange Ugly Fish - For Beginners1614
itemSmall Orange Fat Fish3214
itemYellow Ugly Fish2013
itemBlue Nimble Fish - For Beginners813
itemBig Yellow Treasure Chest5613
itemSmall Yellow Ugly Fish2012
itemSmall Orange Nimble Fish2811
itemYellow Ugly Fish - For Beginners168

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