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Valakas ещё не сфотографирован
Lv 85 L2GrandBoss male
HP 33320000 HP Reg. 2856.00
MP 138 MP Reg. 265.32
Exp 284286178 SP 27215401
P. Atk 14375 M. Atk 36620
P. Def 7999 M. Def 1999
Atk. Spd 333 Casting Spd 3819
Walk Spd 194 Run Spd 486
STR 60 DEX 73 CON 57
INT 76 WIT 70 MEN 80
Aggro Нет Atk.range 40
Social Да Soul cryst.lv. 13
Undead Нет Soul cryst.type Party
skill Valakas Meteor Storm Lv.1
skill Valakas Tail Stomp Lv.1
skill Valakas Tail Stomp Lv.1
skill Valakas Trample Lv.1
skill Valakas Trample Lv.1
skill Valakas Dragon Breath Lv.1
Deadly flames envelope your entire body, causing your HP to drop rapidly.
skill Valakas Dragon Breath Lv.1
Deadly flames envelope your entire body, causing your HP to drop rapidly.
skill Valakas Fear Lv.1
Overcome by terror, you flee aimlessly in fear.
skill Valakas Lava Skin Lv.1
skill Valakas Stun Lv.1
You are thrown into an immobilizing state of shock.
skill Dragons Lv.10
This word refers to True Dragon that is the most powerful and represents evil creatures Shilen gave birth to and its kinds. Most of this race flies with two wings like reptiles and emits strong energy through its mouth.
skill Resist Full Magic Attack Lv.1
skill Valakas Lv.1
Vulnerable to water, impervious to fire.


ШансШанс, %
Группа 0 500%
itemTallum Blade A121/4125%125
itemHalberd A121/4125%125
itemBlood Tornado A121/4125%125
itemMeteor Shower A121/4125%125
Группа 1 500%
itemElemental Sword A121/4125%125
itemDasparion's Staff A121/4125%125
itemBloody Orchid A121/4125%125
itemCarnage Bow A121/4125%125
Группа 2 500%
itemDragon Slayer A121/4125%125
itemSword of Miracles A121/4125%125
itemElysian A121/4125%125
itemDark Legion's Edge A121/4125%125
Группа 3 500%
itemBranch of the Mother Tree A121/5100%100
itemSoul Separator A121/5100%100
itemDragon Grinder A121/5100%100
itemSoul Bow A121/5100%100
itemTallum Glaive A121/5100%100
Группа 4 500%
itemForgotten Blade S111/685%85
itemBasalt Battlehammer S111/685%85
itemDragon Hunter Axe S111/685%85
itemSaint Spear S111/685%85
itemHeaven's Divider S111/680%80
itemTallum Blade*Dark Legion's Edge S111/680%80
Группа 5 500%
itemImperial Staff S111/5100%100
itemAngel Slayer S111/5100%100
itemDemon Splinter S111/5100%100
itemArcana Mace S111/5100%100
itemDraconic Bow S111/5100%100
Группа 6 500%
itemSealed Majestic Earring A1535%175%175
itemSealed Majestic Ring A1535%175%175
itemSealed Majestic Necklace A151/3150%150
Группа 7 500%
itemSealed Phoenix Earring A1535%175%175
itemSealed Phoenix Ring A1535%175%175
itemSealed Phoenix Necklace A151/3150%150
Группа 8 500%
itemSealed Tateossian Earring S1135%175%175
itemSealed Tateossian Ring S1135%175%175
itemSealed Tateossian Necklace S111/3150%150
Группа 9 500%
itemSealed Dark Crystal breastplate A1350%250%250
itemSealed Dark Crystal Leather Armor A131/4125%125
itemSealed Tallum Tunic A131/4125%125
Группа 10 500%
itemSealed Armor of Nightmare A1335%175%175
itemSealed Leather Armor of Nightmare A1335%175%175
itemSealed Nightmare Robe A131/3150%150
Группа 11 500%
itemSealed Tallum Plate Armor A131/4125%125
itemSealed Tallum Leather Armor A131/4125%125
itemSealed Dark Crystal Robe A131/4125%125
itemSealed Majestic Robe A131/1145%45
itemSealed Majestic Plate Armor A131/1340%40
itemSealed Majestic Leather Armor A131/1340%40
Группа 12 500%
itemSealed Dark Crystal Gaiters A1335%175%175
itemSealed Dark Crystal Leggings A1335%175%175
itemSealed Tallum Stockings A131/3150%150
Группа 13 500%
itemSealed Draconic Leather Armor S1135%175%175
itemSealed Major Arcana Robe S1135%175%175
itemSealed Imperial Crusader Breastplate S111/775%75
itemSealed Imperial Crusader Gaiters S111/775%75
Группа 14 500%
itemSealed Dark Crystal Helmet A131/4125%125
itemSealed Tallum Helmet A131/4125%125
itemSealed Helm of Nightmare A131/4125%125
itemSealed Majestic Circlet A131/4125%125
Группа 15 500%
itemSealed Dark Crystal Boots A131/4125%125
itemSealed Tallum Boots A131/4125%125
itemSealed Boots of Nightmare A131/4125%125
itemSealed Majestic Boots A131/4125%125
Группа 16 500%
itemSealed Dark Crystal Gloves A131/4125%125
itemSealed Tallum Gloves A131/4125%125
itemSealed Gauntlets of Nightmare A131/4125%125
itemSealed Majestic Gauntlets A131/4125%125
Группа 17 500%
itemSealed Dark Crystal Shield A1340%200%200
itemSealed Shield of Nightmare A1340%200%200
itemSealed Imperial Crusader Shield S111/5100%100
Группа 18 500%
itemSealed Imperial Crusader Gauntlet S1134%170%170
itemSealed Draconic Leather Glove S111/3165%165
itemSealed Major Arcana Glove S111/3165%165
Группа 19 500%
itemSealed Imperial Crusader Boots S1134%170%170
itemSealed Draconic Leather Boots S111/3165%165
itemSealed Major Arcana Boots S111/3165%165
Группа 20 500%
itemSealed Imperial Crusader Helmet S1134%170%170
itemSealed Draconic Leather Helmet S111/3165%165
itemSealed Major Arcana Circlet S111/3165%165
Группа 21 500%
itemScroll: Enchant Weapon (A) A119100%500%500
Группа 22 500%
itemBlessed Scroll of Escape 159100%500%500
Группа 23 500%
itemBlessed Scroll of Resurrection 139100%500%500
Группа 24 500%
itemAdena 1400000018000000100%500%500
Группа 25 500%
itemAdena 1400000018000000100%500%500
Группа 26 500%
itemAdena 1400000018000000100%500%500
Группа 27 500%
itemAdena 1400000018000000100%500%500
Группа 28 500%
itemAdena 1400000018000000100%500%500
Группа 29 500%
itemAdena 1400000018000000100%500%500
Группа 30 500%
itemAdena 1400000018000000100%500%500
Группа 31 500%
itemAdena 1400000018000000100%500%500
Группа 32 500%
itemAdena 1400000018000000100%500%500
Группа 33 500%
itemAdena 20000006000000100%500%500
Группа 34 500%
itemNecklace of Valakas S11100%500%500
Группа 102 500%
itemAncient Book - Divine Inspiration (Manuscript) 1219100%500%500
Группа 200 500%
itemHigh-Grade Life Stone: level 70 44100%500%500

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