Gracia Final

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Competition for the Bandit Stronghold (0+)

Description: A holy war has broken out over the position of ol mahum chief of the Bandit Stronghold! The competition has become so fierce that it's been opened up to outsiders!
Start NPC: Messenger
Restrictions: Clan Leader, Over Clan Level 4, 1hour before the Clan Hall War

item Trophy of Alliance  - 1

1Right to Participate
This quest must be accomplished in order to participate in a clan hall war. You must be the first of five to kill Tarlk bugbears and Tarlk basilisks and bring back 30 proofs. Successful completion of this quest permits participation in a clan hall war. In the Forest of Evil, hunt Tarlk Bugbears, Tarlk Bugbear Warriors and Tarlk Bugbear High Warriors. In the Outlaw Forest hunt Tarlk Basilisks and Elder Tarlk Basilisks.
item 30


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