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Little Wing's Big Adventure (45+)

Description: Raising a fat, lazy hatchling isn't an easy task! You shall now reap the harvest of your hard work!
Start NPC: [Elder] Cronos
Restrictions: At least Hatchling Level 55, One Dragonflute

? Undecided

1In Search of Mimyu
Elder Cronos suggests you consult Fairy Mimyu concerning the raising of Hatchling to Strider.
2The Sap of Fairy Trees
Fairy Mimyu examines your hatchling and tells you the story of the four fairy trees and their guardians. She tells you to feed the sap of these trees to your hatchling. Go to each of the four fairy trees of wind, star, twilight and abyss and let your hatchling drink their sap. You must guard your hatchling as it drinks. When it has finished drinking, attach a fairy leaf to the fairy tree.
item 4
3Return to Fairy Mimyu
Your hatchling has drunk the sap of all four fairy trees-- the wind, star, twilight and abyss. The preparations for its growth have been completed. Return to Fairy Mimyu.


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