Gracia Epilogue

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Mimir's Elixir (75+)

Description: The star of destiny changes the fate of anyone who holds it! What is the secret of the ancient giants?
Start NPC: [Magister] Ladd
Restrictions: Star of Destiny

item Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A) A - 1

1Pure Silver, Silvery Light of Purity
Magister Ladd tells you how to create Mimir's elixir. Magic Trader Wesley under the Ivory Tower will teach you the basic technique of mixing reagents. Magister Ladd tells you that the formula for pure silver is equal parts Lunargent and Quicksilver.\
NPC: Magic Trader Wesley
item 1
2True Gold, Sublime Stone(Stone of Supremacy)
The second ingredient you'll need to make Mimir's elixir is true gold. Magister Ladd tells you that long ago, he gave his colleague, Joan of the Ivory Tower, some true gold. He suggests that you to go see her.\
NPC: Magister Joan
item 1
3In Search of a Sage's Stone
Magister Joan tells you that in order to make true gold you will need the sage's stone. She asks you to go to the Silent Valley and find it for her. According to her, one of the chimera pieces is carrying it...\
NPC: Silent Valley
item 1
4Return the Sage's Stone to Its Owner
You have obtained the sage's stone! Return to Magister Joan of the Ivory Tower in Oren.\
NPC: Magister Joan
5What is Your True Wish?
Magister Joan made true gold for you. Now, return to Magister Ladd.\
NPC: Magister Ladd
6Blood Fire, the Flames of Purgatory
Blood fire is hot enough to meld true gold and pure silver. Slay the bloody guardian in Antharas' Lair and obtain blood fire. Use the mixing urn in the basement of the Ivory Tower to create Mimir's elixir.\
NPC: Antharas' Lair
item 1
7Mimir's Elixir - Last Stage
You have obtained blood fire! It is said that if you mix it with pure silver and true gold, Mimir's elixir will be created... Use the mixing urn located in the basement of the Ivory Tower.\
NPC: Alchemic Mixing Jar
item 1
8Beyond the Fate
You've obtained Mimir's elixir! Magister Ladd will tell you how to use it.\
NPC: Magister Ladd


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