Gracia Epilogue

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Seven Signs, the Sacred Book of Seal (79+)

Description: You're on your way to meet High Priest Orven in order to learn the location of Franz, but Orven does not trust adventurers...
Start NPC: [Priest] Wood
Restrictions: No Requirements

SP 5817676
EXP 52518015

1Emperor's Key
Meet High Priest Orven at the Einhasad Temple in the town of Aden and find out about the Prayer called the Emperor's Key. Then try to find the Sacred Book of Seal.\
NPC: High Priest Orven
2Hidden Meaning
Go see Password Decoder Leopard in the town of Goddard who is going to decipher the hidden meaning of the prayer.
NPC: Password Decoder Leopard
3Great Teacher
Password Decoder Leopard told you about Great Master Lawrence. Go to see Lawrence, who is outside of Goddard Castle.\
NPC: Great Master Lawrence
4The Stranger Strikes Again
The criminal has attacked again. You defeated the stranger, so go and speak with Great Master Lawrence again.\
NPC: Great Master Lawrence
5Library of Sages
The password has been decoded by Great Master Lawrence. Now go to see Sofi the director of the Library of Sages in Town of Rune, and find the Sacred Book of Seal.\
NPC: Library Director Sofia
6Mysterious Hand-written Text
You have obtained a mysterious document presumed to be the hand-written text for the Sacred Book of Seal. Go back to Priest Wood again at Einhasad's temple in the town of Aden.\
NPC: Priest Wood


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