Gracia Epilogue

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Seven Signs, Secret Ritual of the Priests (79+)

Description: Lady Claudia tells you about the place where the Secret Rituals are held, the Secret Oracle, which exists at the bottom floor of the "Oracle of Dawn" and is exclusive to high-ranking priests...
Start NPC: Claudia Athebaldt
Restrictions: No Requirements

SP 5817676
EXP 52518015

1A Guard Identification Card
Before transforming into a guard and infiltrating the Secret Oracle, you need to obtain a guard ID card from Guard Captain John in the town of Gludio.\
NPC: Guard Captain John
2Identity Card Acquisition
You obtained the Identity Card. To transform into a guard, you must see High Priest Raymond at the Einhasad's temple in the town of Gludio.\
NPC: High Priest Raymond
3Sanctum of Dawn
You have been transformed. Now hurry to the Light of Dawn Teleporter at the entrance of the Oracle and infiltrate the Sanctum, then return to High Priest Raymond with the contract between the Merchants and the Emperor.\
NPC: Light of Dawn
4Deliver the contract
Go and meet Iason Heine in Heine and show him the contract between Mammon and Emperor Shunaiman.\
NPC: Iason Heine


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