Gracia Epilogue

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Seven Signs, Dying Message (79+)

Description: Warehouse Chief Croop needs someone to help him set up a memorial service for his cousin Jacob. Go and meet High Priest Hollint of Oren's Einhasad Temple to make the arrangements.
Start NPC: [High Priest] Hollint
Restrictions: No Requirements

SP 5817676
EXP 52518015

1Priest Cain
High Priest Hollint informed me that Priest Cain is in charge of the memorial services. Let's go find Priest Cain in front of the memorial service's altar near the lake located in the Northern part of the town of Oren.\
NPC: Priest Cain
2Herb Collector Eric
Let's get the Deadman's Herb needed for the memorial service from Herb Collector Eric in the Enchanted Valley.\
NPC: Herb Collector Eric
3Deadman's Herb
Let's return to Priest Cain with the Deadman's Herb given by Herb Collector Eric.\
NPC: Priest Cain
4Jacob's Memorial Service
Priest Cain completed the memorial service using Jacob's relics. Talk to Priest Cain again.\
NPC: Priest Cain
5Stranger's Attack
You defeated the unknown creature that suddenly appeared. Talk to Priest Cain again.\
NPC: Priest Cain
6Seven Signs and the Dawn
You agreed to help the Dawn investigate the Seven Signs. As per Cain's advice, go and meet Sir Gustav Athebaldt, the man is in charge of the Dawn's soldiers in the town of Oren.\
NPC: Sir Gustav Athebaldt


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