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Seven Signs, Series of Doubt (79+)

Description: Warehouse Chief Croop of Oren is worried about his missing cousin Jacob, especially following the recent Dwarven Contractor deaths.
Start NPC: [Warehouse Chief] Croop
Restrictions: No Requirements

SP 5817676
EXP 52518015

1Croop's request
Warehouse Chief Croop has explained to you that his cousin has gone missing. Talk to him some more to hear more about the details.\
NPC: Warehouse Chief Croop
2More Concerns
Croop conveys to you his concerns over the recent deaths of several Dwarven Contractors. Speak to Croop again to hear more.\
NPC: Warehouse Chief Croop
3Alleged Criminal
Croop suggests that you go talk to Guard Hector, who is rumored to be the only person to have ever seen the criminal. Find the guard and ask him what he knows.\
NPC: Guard Hector
4Source of the Rumors
Guard Hector told you that the person who actually saw the criminal is his friend, Guard Stan, who guards Oren's South Gate. Find him and see what he knows.\
NPC: Guard Stan
5Scene of the Crime
Guard Stan told you that he saw the something strange on the Eastern side of Oren. Go and investigate the scene to see if you can uncover any clues.\
NPC: East of Oren Castle
6A Grim Discovery
You have found Contractor Jacob's corpse. Take the keepsake necklace from the corpse and go back to Warehouse Chief Croop in the Town of Oren.\
NPC: Warehouse Chief Croop
7The Memorial Service
Croop has asked that you locate High Priest Hollint in Oren's Einhasad Temple and ask him to hold a memorial service for Jacob. Make these arrangements posthaste.\
NPC: High Priest Hollint


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