Gracia Epilogue

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A Grand Plan for Taming Wild Beasts (0+)

Description: The clan that can best tame the wild beasts can obtain a clan hall.
Start NPC: Messenger
Restrictions: Clan Leader, Over Clan Level 4, 1hour before the Clan Hall War

item Trainer License  - 1

1Collect the Crystals of Purity
As a proof that you can train wild animals well, collect 10 pieces of the Crystal of Purity. One thing, when succeeding in the training, you must be near the place to get the Crystal of Purity. Anyone who belongs to the same clan can do the training.\
NPC: Beast Pastures
item 10
2Obtain the Trainer Certification
10 Crystals of Purity that the Messenger required have all been collected. Show them to the Messenger.\
NPC: Sir
item 10
3Register for the Preliminary Contest
Training certification acquired. Appy for the preliminary match through the Messenger. \
NPC: Messenger
item 1


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