Gracia Epilogue

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item Aspis D

Crystals: 50

Type in database: shield

P.Def./M.Def.: 114/0

MP: 0

Is selled by:

[Trader] Adrian (26900a)
[Trader] Alisha (26900a)
[Trader] Casey (26900a)
[Magic Trader] Cema (26900a)
[Trader] Damion (26900a)
[Trader] Edroc (26900a)
[Trader] Espen (26900a)
[Magic Trader] Gentler (26900a)
[Trader] Helmut (26900a)
[Trader] Ian (26900a)
[Trader] Janne (26900a)
[Trader] Owaki (26900a)
[Armor Trader] Peta (26900a)
[Armor Trader] Radia (26900a)
[Trader] Simplon (26900a)
[Trader] Vladimir (26900a)
[Trader] Woodley (26900a)
[Trader] Zenkin (26900a)



map Langk Matriarch Rashkos (24)412132.6605 %
map Malex Herald of Dagoniel (21)412122.0790 %
 Otherworldly Invader Soldier (30)111.2915 %
map Roxide (32)111.1890 %
map Death Fire (32)111.1890 %
map Ritmal Swordsman (29)110.9075 %
map Ghost of a General (32)110.6905 %
map Androscorpio Hunter (30)110.5390 %
map Silenos (30)110.5390 %
map Ol Mahum Van Grunt (30)110.5390 %
 Treasure Chest (30)110.3710 %

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