Gracia Epilogue

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item Dwarven Scale Mail D

Crystals: 260

Type in database: chest, heavy

P.Def./M.Def.: 95/0

MP: 0

Is selled by:

[Trader] Adrian (141100a)
[Trader] Alisha (141100a)
[Trader] Espen (141100a)
[Trader] Helmut (141100a)
[Trader] Janne (141100a)
[Trader] Owaki (141100a)
[Armor Trader] Radia (141100a)
[Trader] Vladimir (141100a)
[Trader] Woodley (141100a)



map Tiger Hornet (26)1161.4150 %
map Princess Molrang (25)1159.4860 %
map Warlike Tyrant (35)110.0470 %
map Ghost of a Batur Chief (33)110.0420 %
 Ghost of a Batur Chief (33)110.0420 %
map Snow Lynx (33)110.0305 %

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