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item Long Bow D

Crystals: 915

Type in database: bow


P.Atk./M.Atk.: 114/35

SS/SPS/MP: 6/2/4

Random Damage: 5

Critical: 12

Accuracy: -3

Atk.Speed: 227

May be converted to Item

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Is selled by:

[Trader] Arodin (495500a)
[Trader] Auzendorff (495500a)
[Trader] Drumond (495500a)
[Weapons Trader] Graham (495500a)
[Trader] Hombre (495500a)
[Trader] Leon (495500a)
[Trader] Nils (495500a)
[Trader] Raudia (495500a)
[Trader] Sabrin (495500a)
[Trader] Sydnia (495500a)
[Trader] Verona (495500a)
[Trader] Veronica (495500a)
[Trader] Viktor (495500a)
[Trader] Woodrow (495500a)



map Unrequited Kael (24)1157.6160 %
map Serpent Demon Bifrons (21)1153.0200 %
map Hallowed Monk (32)110.0545 %
map Roxide Cohort (29)110.0405 %
map Breka Orc Archer (32)110.0285 %
map Magical Eye (31)110.0240 %
map Skeleton Marauder (29)110.0195 %
map Singing Wind (29)110.0190 %

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