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item Amulet: Chant of Life

Description: Amulet required for the Chant of Life spell. Used by Orc Shamans.\ Required level: 20

Crystals: -

Type in database: spellbook, orc

Is selled by:

[Trader] Asha (800a)
[Grocer] Denkus (800a)
[Amulet Seller] Donai (800a)
[Trader] Enverun (800a)
[Trader] Galibredo (800a)
[Magic Trader] Gentler (800a)
[Amulet Seller] Jaka (800a)
[Trader] Jose (800a)
[Amulet Seller] Karai (800a)
[Amulet Seller] Koram (800a)
[Trader] Lorenzo (800a)
[Trader] Natasha (800a)
[Trader] Nestle (800a)
[Amulet Seller] Raik (800a)
[Amulet Seller] Rumba (800a)
[Trader] Rupert (800a)
[Amulet Seller] Shafa (800a)
[Amulet Seller] Shantra (800a)
[Amulet Seller] Shitara (800a)
[Trader] Sonia (800a)
[Amulet Seller] Urgal (800a)
[Trader] Uska (800a)


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