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item Scroll of Escape: Castle

Description: A scroll that relocates you to your castle. If you don't have a castle, it will relocate you to the nearest village.

Crystals: -

Type in database: scroll, escape

Is selled by:

[Grocer] Atan (600a)
[Magic Trader] Cema (500a)
[Grocer] Diyabu (600a)
[Grocer] Helvetia (500a)
[Trader] Holly (500a)
[Trader] Liesel (500a)
[Trader] Payel (500a)
[Trader] Pele (500a)
[Trader] Ralford (500a)
[Trader] Weber (500a)

skill Scroll of Escape: Castle Lv.1


map Lilim Knight (63)1175.5195 %
map Nephilim Centurion (63)1164.7310 %
map Sepulcher Sage (62)1156.0200 %
map Tomb Sage (67)1138.2905 %
map Tomb Guardian (65)1135.6955 %
map Hell Keeper Crimson Doll (67)1134.9385 %
map Elmoradan's Archer Escort (64)1133.0110 %
map Mul's Wizard (67)1132.0335 %
map Bathin's Knight (62)1131.6650 %
 Guardian Warrior of Elmoreden (64)1131.1085 %
map Purgatory Tarantula (64)1130.8505 %
map Mul's Knight (67)1127.2670 %
map Spiteful Soul Wizard (63)1123.1405 %
map Ghostly Warrior (62)1112.7435 %
map Nihil Invader (66)1112.3065 %
 Otherworldly Invader Food (30)116.9085 %

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