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item Sealed Knight's Cloak S84

Description: Cloak with luxurious embroidery. When the seal is cancelled, it'll have Dark Attribute Defense +30 effect. The seal can be cancelled through the weaver Olf Kanore and Olf Adams. It cannot be worn before the seal cancellation. Enchantment, attribute, and smelting are impossible. No exchange/drop available.

Crystals: -

Type in database: back

P.Def./M.Def.: 0/0

MP: 0

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Is selled by:

[Chamberlain] Alfred (28671000a)
[Chamberlain] August (28671000a)
[Chamberlain] Brasseur (28671000a)
[Chamberlain] Crosby (28671000a)
[Chamberlain] Frederick (28671000a)
[Chamberlain] Logan (28671000a)
[Chamberlain] Neurath (28671000a)
[Chamberlain] Saul (28671000a)
[Chamberlain] Sayres (28671000a)


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