Gracia Epilogue

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item Common Item - Admiral's Estoc C

Description: Kamael exclusive weapon Shadow weapon - Samurai Longsword conversion. Admiral's Estoc with limited ability enhancement. Enchantment, storing souls, and smelting are impossible.

Crystals: 112

Type in database: rapier


P.Atk./M.Atk.: 141/83

SS/SPS/MP: 3/3/0

Random Damage: 40

Critical: 10

Accuracy: -1

Atk.Speed: 406

May be converted to Item

skill Maximum Ability Lv.1
Active, enabled, when enchanted for +4 or more
A critical attack will have a chance to increase P. Atk., M. Atk., and healing power, and decrease MP consumption during skill use, for you and your party members.

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