Gracia Epilogue

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Bare Hands, уровней: 20


Mobs with this skill

Target: None (TARGET_NONE)
Skill Type: NOTDONE
Operate Type: Passive (OP_PASSIVE)

skillBare Hands lvl.1
skillBare Hands lvl.2
skillOne-handed Sword lvl.3
skillOne-handed Sword lvl.4
skillBlunt Weapons lvl.5
skillBlunt Weapons lvl.6
skillDaggers lvl.7
skillDaggers lvl.8
skillBows lvl.9
skillBows lvl.10
skillSpears lvl.11
skillSpears lvl.12
skillTwo-handed Sword lvl.13
skillTwo-handed Sword lvl.14
skillTwo-handed Blunt Weapons lvl.15
skillTwo-handed Blunt Weapons lvl.16
skillHand-to-hand weapons lvl.17
skillHand-to-hand weapons lvl.18
skillDual-Sword Weapons lvl.19
skillDual-Sword Weapons lvl.20
skillAncient Sword lvl.21
skillAncient Sword lvl.22
skillRapier lvl.23
skillRapier lvl.24
skillCrossbow lvl.25
skillCrossbow lvl.26

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