Gracia Epilogue

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Extremely Weak M. Atk., уровней: 22


Mobs with this skill

Target: Self (TARGET_SELF)
Skill Type: PASSIVE
Operate Type: Passive (OP_PASSIVE)

skillExtremely Weak M. Atk. lvl.1
skillExtremely Weak M. Atk. lvl.2
skillExtremely Weak M. Atk. lvl.3
skillExtremely Weak M. Atk. lvl.4
skillVery Weak M. Atk. lvl.5
skillVery Weak M. Atk. lvl.6
skillWeak M. Atk. lvl.7
skillWeak M. Atk. lvl.8
skillSlightly Weak M. Atk. lvl.9
skillSlightly Weak M. Atk. lvl.10
skillAverage M. Atk. lvl.11
skillSlightly Strong M. Atk. lvl.12
skillSlightly Strong M. Atk. lvl.13
skillStrong M. Atk. lvl.14
skillStrong M. Atk. lvl.15
skillVery Strong M. Atk. lvl.16
skillVery Strong M. Atk. lvl.17
skillExtremely Strong M. Atk. lvl.18
skillExtremely Strong M. Atk. lvl.19
skillExtremely Strong M. Atk. lvl.20
skillExtremely Strong M. Atk. lvl.21
skillUltra Strong M. Atk. lvl.22

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