Gracia Epilogue

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Special Ability: Haste, уровней: 2


Target: Self (TARGET_SELF)
Skill Type: BUFF
Operate Type: Passive (OP_PASSIVE)
Magic Lvl: 75
Multiplies P.Atk Speed by value depending on level
Multiplies PvP Physical Dmg by 1.05
Multiplies PvP Physical Skills Dmg by 1.05
Multiplies PvP Magical Dmg by 1.05

 DescriptionP.Atk Speed
skillSpecial Ability: Haste lvl.1
Increases Atk.Speed and enhances damage to target during PvP.
skillSpecial Ability: Haste lvl.2
Increases ATK Spd. Increases damage inflicted during PvP.
skillSpecial Ability Haste lvl.3
Increases Atk. Spd. and damage inflicted during PvP.

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