Gracia Epilogue

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[Raid Boss] Dread Avenger Kraven

Dread Avenger Kraven picture
Lv. 44 L2RaidBoss male
HP 273375 HP Reg. 209
MP 138 MP Reg. 10
Exp 1127093 SP 127160
P.Atk. 494 M.Atk. 33
P.Def. 692 M.Def. 375
Atk.Spd. 409 Casting Spd. 3819
Walk Spd. 43 Run spd. 307
STR 60 DEX 73 CON 57
INT 76 WIT 70 MEN 80
Aggro No Atk.Range 40
Social Unknown Soul Cryst. Lv. -
Undead Yes Soul Cryst. Type -
Dread Panther Lv.43 (3)
Press to see the map
skill Hold Lv.4
You are immobilized, as if rooted to the ground by an unseen force.
skill Blunt Weapon Weak Point Lv.1
Vulnerable to Blunt Weapons.
skill Dark Attack Lv.1
Unleashes a dark attack.
skill Raid Boss Lv.1
If the person who made the greatest contribution is 3 or more levels higher than the raid monster, then the item/adena rewards will decrease. If the difference is 9 or more levels, the monster will drop nothing at all.
skill Raid Boss - Level 44 Lv.1
This Immortal Knight is searching for Orfen in the Sea of Spores. As a young adventurer, he and his lover joined the Sea of Spores Troops. Orfen's plot caused her death, however, and Kraven's sorrow and rage helped him gain an immortal body in order to revenge himself on Orfen with his sharp, fearsome blade.
skill Resist Daggers/Rapier Weapon Lv.3
Resistant to Dagger/Rapier attacks.
skill Resist Full Magic Attack Lv.1
skill Sacred Attack Weak Point Lv.2
Vulnerable to sacred attacks.
skill Undead Lv.1
Called out of their graves by black magic, a curse or the power of an evil mind, most of these creatures lack intelligence and can perform only simple actions. However, some high-ranking undead possess great knowledge and sophistication even when compared to ordinary humanoids.


ChanceChance, %
Group 0 346%
itemTower Shield C111/566%65.528
itemComposite Shield C111/566%65.528
itemShining Circlet Pattern C23671/563%63.324
itemComposite Helmet C111/846%45.8835
itemShining Circlet C111/846%45.8835
itemTower Shield Fragment C601801/1035%34.7065
itemComposite Shield Fragment C1163461/191/618.029
itemComposite Helmet Design C1925761/471/137.421
Group 1 396%
itemParadia Staff Head C241/492%91.554
itemSage's Staff Head C261/669%68.666
itemClub of Nature Head C371/755%54.9475
itemPa'agrian Hammer Head C391/944%44.135
itemWar Axe Blade C4101/1137%37.283
itemNirvana Axe Blade C4121/121/332.6225
itemMace of the Underworld Head C5131/141/328.996
itemStick of Eternity Shaft C10301/291/713.733
itemWar Axe C111/1341/342.9495
itemNirvana Axe C111/1341/342.9495
itemStick of Eternity C111/1341/342.9495
itemParadia Staff C111/1341/342.9495
itemPa'agrian Hammer C111/1341/342.9495
itemSage's Staff C111/1341/342.9495
itemClub of Nature C111/1341/342.9495
itemMace of the Underworld C111/1341/342.9495
Group 2 313%
itemGreater Dye of INT [Int+3 Men-3] 1345%140%140.369
itemGreater Dye of INT [Int+3 Wit-3] 241/394%93.5795
itemGreater Dye of MEN [Men+3 Int-3] 261/470%70.1845
itemBlessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (C) C111/371/128.422
Group 100 125%
itemMemento Mori 13100%125%125
Group 101 125%
itemDestruction Tombstone 11100%125%125

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