Gracia Epilogue

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[Raid Boss] Archon Suscepter

Archon Suscepter picture
Lv. 45 L2RaidBoss male
HP 288415 HP Reg. 215
MP 138 MP Reg. 10
Exp 1139085 SP 129941
P.Atk. 532 M.Atk. 36
P.Def. 715 M.Def. 387
Atk.Spd. 409 Casting Spd. 3819
Walk Spd. 78 Run spd. 190
STR 60 DEX 73 CON 57
INT 76 WIT 70 MEN 80
Aggro No Atk.Range 40
Social Unknown Soul Cryst. Lv. -
Undead No Soul Cryst. Type -
Kusion Suscepter Lv.44 (1)
Gustos Suscepter Lv.44 (2)
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Inhabits in
Cruma Tower
skill BOSS Flamestrike Lv.4
skill Magic Creatures Lv.2
The common name for the biotechnological items of the Magic and Titan Ages. Their M. Atk. is generally strong and they sometimes use high-level magic, such as teleportation.
skill Raid Boss Lv.1
If the person who made the greatest contribution is 3 or more levels higher than the raid monster, then the item/adena rewards will decrease. If the difference is 9 or more levels, the monster will drop nothing at all.
skill Raid Boss - Level 45 Lv.1
This artificial intelligence management system was designed by the Giants to defend the Cruma Tower. It controls multiple upper-class Susceptors against attackers.
skill Resist Full Magic Attack Lv.1


ChanceChance, %
Group 0 360%
itemTower Shield C111/568%68.169
itemComposite Shield C111/568%68.169
itemShining Circlet Pattern C23671/566%65.876
itemComposite Helmet C111/848%47.733
itemShining Circlet C111/848%47.733
itemTower Shield Fragment C601801/1036%36.1055
itemComposite Shield Fragment C1163461/191/518.756
itemComposite Helmet Design C1925761/471/137.72
Group 1 325%
itemSage's Staff Head C261/571%71.4365
itemClub of Nature Head C371/657%57.1495
itemPa'agrian Hammer Head C391/746%45.916
itemWar Axe Blade C4101/839%38.7875
itemNirvana Axe Blade C4121/1034%33.939
itemMace of the Underworld Head C5131/111/330.168
itemStick of Eternity Shaft C10301/231/714.2875
itemParadia Staff Head C17491/381/128.659
itemWar Axe C111/1061/333.0685
itemNirvana Axe C111/1061/333.0685
itemStick of Eternity C111/1061/333.0685
itemParadia Staff C111/1061/333.0685
itemPa'agrian Hammer C111/1061/333.0685
itemSage's Staff C111/1061/333.0685
itemClub of Nature C111/1061/333.0685
itemMace of the Underworld C111/1061/333.0685
Group 2 472%
itemScroll: Enchant Armor (C) C3962%292%292.054
itemGreater Dye of CON [Con+3 Dex-3] 261/673%73.0135
itemGreater Dye of DEX [Dex+3 Str-3] 371/858%58.4105
itemGreater Dye of DEX [Dex+3 Con-3] 391/1049%48.6755
Group 100 125%
itemNonliving Nucleus 13100%125%125
Group 101 125%
itemDestruction Tombstone 11100%125%125

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