Gracia Epilogue

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[Raid Boss] Tiger Hornet

Tiger Hornet picture
Lv. 26 L2RaidBoss male
HP 107186 HP Reg. 114
MP 138 MP Reg. 10
Exp 621174 SP 53601
P.Atk. 110 M.Atk. 6
P.Def. 362 M.Def. 196
Atk.Spd. 409 Casting Spd. 3819
Walk Spd. 145 Run spd. 307
STR 60 DEX 73 CON 57
INT 76 WIT 70 MEN 80
Aggro No Atk.Range 40
Social Unknown Soul Cryst. Lv. -
Undead No Soul Cryst. Type -
Yellow Hornet Lv.25 (3)
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Inhabits in
Bee Hive
skill Hold Lv.2
You are immobilized, as if rooted to the ground by an unseen force.
skill Bugs Lv.12
They consist of insects, spiders and worms and act upon their highly refined instincts. Sometimes their instincts present themselves in a more developed form than that of humanoid society.
skill Raid Boss Lv.1
If the person who made the greatest contribution is 3 or more levels higher than the raid monster, then the item/adena rewards will decrease. If the difference is 9 or more levels, the monster will drop nothing at all.
skill Raid Boss - Level 26 Lv.1
This powerful Hornet, who can be recognized by his tiger stripe pattern, controls a nest of of several wasps. Searching for the sweetest honey, he and his subordinates maraud their way through Gludio Territory.
skill Resist Full Magic Attack Lv.1


ChanceChance, %
Group 0 336%
itemMithril Breastplate D111/561%61.415
itemCompound Scale Mail D111/561%61.415
itemDwarven Scale Mail D111/561%61.415
itemBlast Plate D111/655%55.478
itemMithril Gaiters D131/844%44.394
itemCompound Scale Gaiters D241/111/329.596
itemDwarven Scale Gaiters D261/151/522.1965
Group 1 377%
itemTome of Blood Page D3978%296%295.612
itemBlood of Saints D111/941%40.7935
itemTome of Blood D111/941%40.7935
Group 2 295%
itemBlessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (D) D13100%295%294.873

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