Gracia Epilogue

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Cosmic Watcher

Cosmic Watcher  picture not yet taken
Lv. 85 L2Monster male
HP 88192 HP Reg. 56.86
MP 138 MP Reg. 3.09
Exp 256947 SP 27090
P.Atk. 10773 M.Atk. 4250
P.Def. 920 M.Def. 1234
Atk.Spd. 253 Casting Spd. 253
Walk Spd. 40 Run spd. 60
STR 40 DEX 30 CON 43
INT 21 WIT 20 MEN 10
Aggro Yes Atk.Range 40
Social Unknown Soul Cryst. Lv. -
Undead No Soul Cryst. Type -
skill Hold Lv.10
You are immobilized, as if rooted to the ground by an unseen force.
skill Dark Attacks Lv.1
Strong against the dark elemental.
skill NPC(party) - Magic Close Range Range DD - less powerful Lv.5
skill NPC(party) -Magic Single Long Range DD - Dark Lv.5
skill Undead Lv.1
Called out of their graves by black magic, a curse or the power of an evil mind, most of these creatures lack intelligence and can perform only simple actions. However, some high-ranking undead possess great knowledge and sophistication even when compared to ordinary humanoids.


ChanceChance, %
Group 0 350%
itemAdena 2121542489100%350%350
Group 1 76%
itemSealed Boots of Nightmare Lining A111/41/518.833
itemSealed Majestic Boots Lining A111/41/518.833
itemSealed Gauntlets of Nightmare Design A111/41/518.833
itemSealed Majestic Gauntlets Design A111/41/518.833
itemSealed Gauntlets of Nightmare A111/4621/6080.1645
itemSealed Boots of Nightmare A111/4621/6080.1645
itemSealed Majestic Gauntlets A111/4621/6080.1645
itemSealed Majestic Boots A111/4621/6080.1645
Group 2 204%
itemAnimal Skin 9271/366%66.0815
itemStone of Purity C111/359%59.4735
itemMithril Arrow A2808401/540%39.826
itemAnimal Bone 401201/141/714.8685
itemCoarse Bone Powder D4121/151/813.2165
itemMold Hardener B111/261/137.7575
itemRecipe: Sealed Tateossian Earring (70%) S111/1271/621.6075
itemScroll: Enchant Armor (S) S111/5701/2800.357
itemRecipe: Sealed Draconic Leather Armor (60%) S111/5961/2930.3415
Group 100 232%
itemAncient Tome of the Demon 26100%232%232.3
Group 200 1/14
itemDivine Stone 11100%1/147.1365


itemBarakiel's Axe Piece A1143.9555
itemRecipe: Shining Arrow (100%) S1118.1095

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