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Guillotine's Ghost

Guillotine's Ghost picture
Lv. 67 L2Monster male
HP 3626 HP Reg. 11.85
MP 138 MP Reg. 2.78
Exp 8344 SP 795
P.Atk. 1169 M.Atk. 681
P.Def. 373 M.Def. 356
Atk.Spd. 278 Casting Spd. 333
Walk Spd. 88 Run spd. 165
STR 40 DEX 30 CON 43
INT 21 WIT 20 MEN 10
Aggro Yes Atk.Range 40
Social Unknown Soul Cryst. Lv. -
Undead No Soul Cryst. Type -
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Inhabits in
Forest of the Dead
skill Bleed Lv.6
Inflicts a wound that reduces HP. Effect 7.
skill NPC Buff - Acumen Berserk WildMagic Lv.3
skill Light Armor Type Lv.3
Weak P. Def. and strong Evasion.
skill Magic Creatures Lv.2
The common name for the biotechnological items of the Magic and Titan Ages. Their M. Atk. is generally strong and they sometimes use high-level magic, such as teleportation.
skill Weak Point against Bow/Crossbow Weapons Lv.1
Weak against Bow/Crossbow attacks.
skill Wind Attack Weak Point Lv.1
Vulnerable to wind attacks.


ChanceChance, %
Group 0 350%
itemAdena 13642788100%350%350
Group 1 1/17
itemBlue Wolf Stockings Pattern B111/41/671.499
itemStockings of Doom Pattern B111/41/671.499
itemBlue Wolf Tunic Fabric B111/51/901.1105
itemTunic of Doom Pattern B111/51/901.1105
itemCommon Item - Blue Wolf Stockings B111/321/5510.1815
itemCommon Item - Stockings of Doom B111/321/5510.1815
itemCommon Item - Tunic of Doom B111/511/8810.1135
itemCommon Item - Blue Wolf Tunic B111/511/8810.1135
Group 2 92%
itemCharcoal D1156%51%51.1135
itemSuede 1137%34%34.0755
itemHigh Grade Suede D111/221/234.2595
itemMetal Hardener C111/451/492.0445
itemMold Hardener B111/2071/2250.4445
itemRecipe: Branch of the Mother Tree(60%) A111/48311/52630.019
Group 200 1/138
itemLife Stone: level 67 1178%1/1760.568
itemMid-Grade Life Stone: level 67 111/51/7040.142
itemHigh-Grade Life Stone: level 67 111/521/71430.014
itemTop-Grade Life Stone: level 67 111/2421/333330.003


itemMetal Hardener C1169.2165
itemEvil Spirit Head B117.1640
itemRecipe: Soulshot (A) Compressed Package (100%) A112.3070

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