Gracia Epilogue

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Lv. 53 L2Monster male
HP 2481 HP Reg. 10.27
MP 138 MP Reg. 2.45
Exp 4813 SP 378
P.Atk. 602 M.Atk. 319
P.Def. 304 M.Def. 247
Atk.Spd. 278 Casting Spd. 333
Walk Spd. 40 Run spd. 191
STR 40 DEX 30 CON 43
INT 21 WIT 20 MEN 10
Aggro No Atk.Range 40
Social Unknown Soul Cryst. Lv. -
Undead No Soul Cryst. Type -
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Inhabits in
War-Torn Plains
skill Stun Lv.5
You are stunned and temporarily prohibited from movement.
skill Animals Lv.4
These general animals are hunted by humanoids. They sometimes attack humanoids, but only to defend themselves or their territory.


ChanceChance, %
Group 0 350%
itemAdena 7661556100%350%350
Group 1 1/117
itemScorpion Blade C1134%1/3470.2885
itemWidowmaker Head C1134%1/3470.2885
itemOrcish Poleaxe Blade C111/31/3680.272
itemScorpion C111/2861/333330.003
itemWidow Maker C111/2861/333330.003
itemOrcish Poleaxe C111/3431/400000.0025
Group 2 1/8
itemCokes D1136%1/224.58
itemMetallic Thread A111/51/362.748
itemHigh Grade Suede D111/61/442.29
itemStone of Purity C111/71/551.832
itemRecipe: Adamantite Ring (100%) B111/191/1470.68
itemDurable Metal Plate A111/341/2730.3665
itemRecipe: Soulshot (B) Compressed Package (100%) B111/2301/18180.055
itemRecipe: Blessed Spiritshot (B) Compressed Package (100%) B111/2301/18180.055
itemRecipe: Sprite's Staff (100%) B111/4011/31750.0315
Group 200 1/123
itemLife Stone: level 55 1178%1/1570.636
itemMid-Grade Life Stone: level 52 111/51/6290.159
itemHigh-Grade Life Stone: level 52 111/511/62500.016
itemTop-Grade Life Stone: level 55 111/2711/333330.003


itemDivine Tunic Fabric C1118.5905
itemRecipe: Avadon Breastplate (100%) B114.6515
itemGreater Dye of CON [Con+3 Dex-3] 112.1500

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