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item Yellow Luminous Lure

Описание: This fishing lure can be used to catch ugly fish at night. The higher the lure's grade, the more quickly the fish will take the bait. It cannot be used during the day.

Кристалы: -


Продаётся у:

[Fishing Guild Member] Batidae (150a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Berix (150a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Bleaker (150a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Burang (150a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Cyano (150a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Eindarkner (150a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Hilgendorf (150a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Hufs (150a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Klaus (150a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Klufe (150a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Lanosco (150a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Linnaeus (150a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Litulon (150a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Mishini (150a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Monakan (150a)
[Fishing Guild Member] O'Fulle (150a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Ogord (150a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Pamfus (150a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Perelin (150a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Platis (150a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Ropfi (150a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Willie (150a)

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