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item Fisherman's Potion - Purple

Описание: By lowering one's fishing skill level, this potion allows one to catch a purple fish (level 16~18 fish). If one uses a potion that is designed for a higher fishing skill level than one's own, the potion will have no effect.

Кристалы: -

fishpotion, quest

Продаётся у:

[Fishing Guild Member] Batidae (5000a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Berix (5000a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Bleaker (5000a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Burang (5000a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Cyano (5000a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Eindarkner (5000a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Hilgendorf (5000a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Hufs (5000a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Klaus (5000a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Klufe (5000a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Lanosco (5000a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Linnaeus (5000a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Litulon (5000a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Mishini (5000a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Monakan (5000a)
[Fishing Guild Member] O'Fulle (5000a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Ogord (5000a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Pamfus (5000a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Perelin (5000a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Platis (5000a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Ropfi (5000a)
[Fishing Guild Member] Willie (5000a)

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