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The Zero Hour (66+)

Description: Mercenary Captain Pierce located the Stakato Nest and committed all his troops there in order to finish the arduous battle.
Start NPC: [Mercenary] Kahman
Restrictions: Completion of the In Search of the Nest quest

item Flexible Reward  - 1

1Kill the Stakato!
Mercenary Kahman tells you to kill the Stakatos in the nest and to bring back their fangs as proof. \ \ Monsters to be hunted - Spiked Stakato, Spiked Stakato Worker, Spiked Stakato Guard, Male Spiked Stakato, Female Spiked Stakato, Spiked Stakato Sorcerer, Cannibalistic Stakato Leader, Spiked Stakato Warrior, Spiked Stakato Drone, Spiked Stakato Captain, Spiked Stakato Nanny, Spiked Stakato Shaman\
NPC: Stakato Nest
item Unlimited


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