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Heroic Berserker, уровней: 1


MP Consume: 72
Item Consume Id: Soul Ore
Item Consume Count: 40
Hit Time: 1000
Reuse Delay: 900000
Static Reuse: Yes (true)
Target: Self (TARGET_SELF)
Skill Type: BUFF
Operate Type: Active (OP_ACTIVE)

Effect Name: Buff
Total Time: 120 (1 Times x 120 seconds.)
Stack Order: 2
Stack Type: hero_buff
        Adds Accuracy Combat by 8
        Adds P.Atk by 500
        Adds M.Atk by 500
        Adds P.Atk Speed by 100
        Adds M.Atk Spd by 100
        Adds Run Speed by 20
        Decreases Cancel Vulnerability by 80
        Multiplies Gain Hp by 2
        Decreases Debuff Vulnerability by 100
        Decreases Rate Evasion by 8
        Multiplies P.Def by 0.75
        Multiplies M.Def by 0.75

skillHeroic Berserker lvl.1
For 2 minutes, increases user's accuracy by 8, P. Atk. by 500, M. Atk. by 500, Atk. Spd. by 100, Casting Spd. by 100, movement speed by 20, resistance to buff-canceling attacks by 80, and the effect of received HP recovery magic by 100%. Bestows complete resistance to de-buff attacks. Decreases P. Def. by 25%, M. Def. by 25%, and evasion by 8. Consumes 40 Soul Ore.

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